Pillcheck® improves treatment outcomes while reducing healthcare costs. Pillcheck is a medication optimization service that includes a robust, state-of-the-art drug response test and a review by a clinical pharmacist. It enables individuals to receive the right medication at their optimal dosage, improving their health outcomes.

Pillcheck looks at a small portion of a person’s DNA that is responsible for creating the enzymes needed to break down medications. Inherited differences in these enzymes affect how well a person responds to their medications.

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Employee Benefits

Pillcheck can reduce drug plan and disability costs while improving healthcare quality. Our paper published in the Plans & Trusts journal describes how pharmacogenetic testing as an employee benefit may improve performance of drug plan. Pillcheck is an eligible Health Spending Account expense. Contact us for additional information.

Disability Management

The Pillcheck service can reduce disability duration. Learn how to leverage Precision Medicine to reduce cost of benefit & disability claims here. Our paper published in the prestigious journal Benefits Quarterly describes how offering pharmacogenetic testing as an employee benefit may improve drug treatments and shorten disability leaves.


Become a leader in pharmacogenetics-based medication optimization. Improve your patients’ health, loyalty, and treatment adherence, and increase your revenue by offering Pillcheck. An award-winning practice study demonstrated the value of Pillcheck in the pharmacy practice. Click here to learn more.


Pillcheck can assist you in practicing safer and more effective prescribing by outlining your patient’s unique pharmacogenetic profile in an easy-to-understand manner. A concise pharmacist’s letter summarizes the Pillcheck report’s recommendations regarding the medication and dosage that are optimal for your patient. Ask us about EMR integration. Click here to learn more.

Why Choose Genetic Testing from GeneYouIn?

Secure Data Sharing

The Pillcheck platform supports secure sharing of results among a diverse range of healthcare professionals and accommodates a wide range of informatics systems utilized in pharmacy, primary care (EMR) and benefits administration.

Proactive Medication Management

Pillcheck is a logical and value-added service that is critical to drug plan cost-containment, improved performance of disability management programs, and wellness initiatives. The Pillcheck-as-a-Benefit program demonstrated >50% uptake by a unionized and non-unionized workforce.

A genetic test with GeneYouIn gives you actionable results

Actionable Results

Results from pharmacogenetic tests are only useful if they are understandable. The personalized Pillcheck report is designed and written in a manner that is easy to read. Included is a concise pharmacist’s letter summarizing the results for the doctor.

All GeneYouIn's genetic tests come with follow-up service

Lifetime Value

Users do not need to be currently taking any medications to benefit from Pillcheck. Their Pillcheck results can optimize their medications whether they need them today or tomorrow.


…the difference [between Pillcheck and a competitors report]is that your reports are more detailed…

-Pillcheck Client

Our psychiatrist was very open to learning from the [Pillcheck]report. Her take was it is better than guessing or going on past experience with others..

-Pillcheck Client

Has proven to be valuable information for myself & my family doctor as a reference guide now & in the future.

-Pillcheck Client

….Unlike other genetics companies that sequence a client’s genome and sent back a report, GeneYouIn has designed tests – such as Pillcheck – that target specific areas of concern, and produces reports that are easy to understand…
The results from these tests have huge effect not only for the physician prescribing a care plan, but could be the difference maker for patients in countless life altering scenarios and situation pertaining to their health…

-Matt King, HealthCare 365

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