GeneYouIn is developing partnerships with leading research and healthcare centres

Banyan Work Health Solutions is a progressive thought leader and solutions provider within the Canadian landscape of absence and disability management.

HealthCare 365 is an innovative healthcare clinic located in Toronto which offers a comprehensive and proactive health management approach to patient care.

LaVie Clinic is an Executive Health Center located in Ottawa which offers Premium & Private Health Care with the highest possible quality of care.


Monreau Shepell is the leading provider of employee and family assistance programs, the largest administrator of retirement and benefits plans and the largest provider of integrated absence management solutions in Canada.

Medilink is leading group of consulting pharmacists supporting patient medication reviews and optimization.


Through a strategic partnership, the Pillcheck SaaS is provided through the Personal Medicine Profile service in Scandinavian countries.


The Wise Elephant Family Health Team takes a cutting-edge approach to primary healthcare by bringing together different healthcare providers to co-ordinate the highest possible quality of care for the patient.