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Many guys have a soft spot for their cars and garages, and put in a significant amount of effort to keep them in immaculate condition. So why don’t they keep their own bodies in such immaculate condition as well? Too many successful men are dying prematurely due to conditions like heart attacks that can be largely prevented by lifestyle choices. So, how can you reason with your husband to visit his family physician for the annual check up and to spend some time in the gym and not in the office?

I have to admit to these same sins – my wife has been largely unsuccessfully in trying to get me into a gym while I’ve been trying to build my business. Professionals spend over 70 hours a week at work, and in their free time they are trying to catch up precious time with their kids and spouses. Even though we have the best intentions, who really has the time for exercise?

In reality, it is virtually impossible to change your partner’s lifestyle, but you may try to use this “car talk” as a guideline to formulate your arguments by using the care of an expensive car as an analogy for how we should be treating our bodies. Here are some snippets you can use:

  1. Your body is not a rental so if you wreck it you own it. If you are not careful, you will end up with a 2-week repair in the garage (hospital) or maybe even the junkyard.
  2. Your doctor is like your best mechanic who can tell you what is going to break down BEFORE it happens! Anybody can replace a broken part, but an insightful doctor will advise of your options without being pushy.
  3. Preventative maintenance is the key for longevity!
  4. A good owner does not skip on maintenance, so make it a point to park at your family physician’s office at least once a year.
  5. If you shell out $$ for premium unleaded and synthetic oil to protect your engine – be so kind and take your vitamins too.
  6. Do you enjoy taking laps on side roads in your Porsche? If you want to continue to enjoy it, you have to spend some time in the gym.
  7. Why did you buy this Mustang? To show off your success and masculinity? Show that you are man enough to come with me to yoga class.
  8. A good lap requires a warm up – take on exercise gradually. At the gym, think of your fitness coach as your driving instructor that will help you reach your maximum potential.
  9. If you want to enjoy sex beyond your 40th birthday you should know that Viagra does not cure prostate cancer, so 10,000 steps a day are a must to keep your prostate and heart in check.
  10. For the love of our children – forget that bacon and ham breakfast! Fruit salad, oatmeal and yoghurt are your new friends.

You may think that your husband is fine and does not need such car-talk. Well, does that mean he is not overweight, sleeps like a baby for at least eight hours, his boss loves him, and he brings home flowers every morning along with a fat paycheck?

I didn’t think so….

I also advise you to take an in depth look at family history which may serve as the final push your husband needs to motivate him. One way to do this is by speaking to your mother-in-law about his family history of disease, which will tell you about what and how much you should worry.

Like father, like son – if your husband’s ancestors and siblings were afflicted by heart disease or cancer, then he is at risk as well. Additionally, genetic testing can be a powerful tool to help you to get a more specific picture of inherited disease risks.

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