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Our bioinformatics technology is built to process data from Next Generation Sequencing and genotyping platforms used for pharmacogenetics.  The Pillcheck Test utilizes a custom genotyping panel that includes over 160 markers in 40 genes linked to drug response and metabolism.

Compared to other services on the market, Pillcheck covers over 130 medications in more treatment areas, and uses markers that include the unique variations that reflect the multi-ethnic nature of our society.

Pillcheck® uses Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) Genotyping:

Pillcheck® looks at a very specific set of proteins that are involved in the metabolism of medications. SNP genotyping technology does not scan through all of a person’s genes, but rather looks at specific spots in specific genes that are known to vary between individuals. By looking for specific variations in genes encoding medication-processing proteins, we can find out how a person will react to certain medications and help his/her doctor prescribe personalized medicine for maximum safety and efficacy.

Pillcheck analyzes only well-identified variations in genes involved in drug metabolism and does not assess disease risk. Consumers have full ownership of their Pillcheck results.

Our Pillcheck genetic testing is conducted by a clinical laboratory in Toronto.

We carefully evaluate and validate each test’s performance to ensure that the genetic data we receive from Pillcheck samples is of the highest quality.

After the lab generates raw data, we analyze them to provide personalized recommendations regarding a consumer’s optimal medications and dosages. Since we recognize that doctors are very busy, we include a concise letter from a pharmacogenetics-trained pharmacist that summarizes the results for the doctor. The Pillcheck report and pharmacist’s letter can be securely accessed online via a Pillcheck account.

As humankind’s understanding of genomics is constantly improving, we offer periodic updates for Pillcheck results. These updates provide recommendations for additional medications and reflect the latest clinical guidelines.

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