Every person is different,

so why should your medication be the same? We help your doctor prescribe the most effective medication with the least side effects.

Personalized medicine is here

Medications are not “one-size-fits-all”. GeneYouIn’s PillCheckTM drug response test provides insight into how your body processes medications, so that you and your doctor will know exactly what drug at what dose is the safest and most effective for you.

The PillCheckTM test can:

  • Inform you if you carry genetic variations that affect the way your body processes medication.
  • Identify incompatible medications that may cause severe side effects.
  • Determine which medication that will work best and be safest for you.

How PillCheckTM can help you

Why choose GeneYouIn's PillCheckTM test?

PillCheck covers the most genes

More markers covered.

PillCheck covers the most drugs

More drugs covered.

Pillcheck has the best value

At the best value.

GeneYouIn’s PillCheckTM service detects mutations that are related to the most commonly used medications for pain management. Our test covers more markers related to drug response and more medications than any other consumer test, giving you and your doctor the most comprehensive information with which to personalize your treatment. This test only targets the markers responsible for drug metabolism and transport, and provides a report only on your unique drug response profile — the PillCheckTM does not test for nor is it capable of reporting disease predisposition.

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Personalized medicine is here,
and it begins with a genetic test from GeneYouIn

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